#FairIT4Oz Inquiry: be heard, submissions close 6 July

On Friday 6 July the first stage of submissions will close for a parliamentary inquiry into IT product price differences.

The Inquiry was set up to get answers to a question consumers and businesses have been asking for some time: why does IT software and hardware cost so much more here, compared to other countries such as the US and UK?

Besides examining costs of major items of hardware and software used by households and businesses, the inquiry will also look at prices of products such as computer games and consoles, e-books and music and videos sold in Australia over the internet or in retail outlets.

The terms of reference for the Inquiry (which lists what we’re specifically investigating) can be found here.

Making a submission is a lot easier than you think.

It can be emailed in, it doesn’t have to be lengthy and can just detail in simple terms your views and experiences.

For example, the Inquiry will be keen to hear from the general public – especially consumers or small/medium sized businesses – about products you’ve purchased where there’s been a price difference and the type of response you received if you sought an explanation for that difference.

If you’re after some inspiration or ideas about how to express your views, check out some of the great submissions we’ve received so far.

You can get more advice from this link.

These inquiries are not exclusively for major corporations, academic institutions, or think tanks – they’re also a great vehicle for the public to have its say.

And that’s something I’d encourage you to do – because it’s your way of having your views heard and considered.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the Inquiry Secretariat via ic.reps@aph.gov.au

Or you can email me direct via ed.husic.mp@aph.gov.au - and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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