Abbott to sack Western Sydney workers and slash services

Blacktown Federal MPs, Michelle Rowland and Ed Husic today demanded Tony Abbott come clean on who will be sacked and what services will be lost in his push to rip jobs and services out of Western Sydney.

“Today it has been revealed that Tony Abbott has a secret plan to move services and jobs out of Western Sydney to remote northern Australia and jack up taxes for people in our region,” Ms Rowland said.

“By proposing tax breaks only for people who move to Northern Australia, Mr Abbott is actually proposing a new tax on every other Australian family.
“This ridiculous plan to move jobs from our region is not only unconstitutional, but also economically reckless.”

Mr Husic said when the Liberals were last in Government they moved public service jobs and big Government departments out of Western Sydney and cut services.

“The first thing the previous Liberal Government did was slash funding to the University of Western Sydney, cut half a billion dollars out of Western Sydney transport and decimated jobs in our region,” Mr Husic said.

“And today we now know Tony Abbott plans to do it again.

“Local families deserve to know which services Tony Abbott will cut from Western Sydney and be sent to Northern Australia.

“It is time for Tony Abbott to stop taking the people of Western Sydney for granted and come clean on his plans to move jobs from our region and increase our taxes.”

*** Joint media release with Michelle Rowland MP, Federal Member for Greenway