Abbott caught out misleading Western Sydney on power prices

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has today been caught out misleading the people of Western Sydney over electricity prices after Federal Member for Chifley Ed Husic raised the issue in Parliament.

In Question Time the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, responded to Mr Husic’s question about the impact of the carbon price on household electricity bills and what the Federal Government was doing to help Western Sydney residents.

Mr Combet said Mr Abbott’s claims that power bills would climb by as much as 30 per cent had been proved wrong in NSW and across the country.

Mr Combet advised Mr Husic and the Parliament:

“Price regulators in different jurisdictions are now confirming Treasury’s modelling, and in fact showing a lesser impact in some states and territories. IPART, the NSW electricity price regulator, has issued a draft determination with a carbon price impact on the average NSW household of $3.27 per week.

“Electricity prices are bang on the Treasury modelling – if anything they are slightly lower. And the Government is providing comprehensive assistance – assistance that will mean millions of households will be better off.

“Yet for the last 12 months the Opposition leader has run around the country making false claims designed to engender fear – that the carbon price would increase electricity prices by 20, 25 and 30% - that is specifically what he has claimed.

“But now the facts are coming in, and as that happens the Australian people will see before them a shallow political conman.”

Mr Husic said the Federal Government’s household assistance package would be welcomed by people living in Western Sydney.

In Chifley, this includes 58,000 taxpayers who will receive a tax cut, of which 49,000 people will receive at least $300.

More than 52,700 people in Chifley will receive household assistance through income support payments (e.g. pensions) and family assistance payments.

“Working families are doing it tough but Mr Abbott’s scare mongering won’t do anything to help households cope with the cost of living,” Mr Husic said.

“In contrast, the government’s plans will put extra cash into household budgets to provide real relief.”

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