Blacktown City Council Tackles Climate Change

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, today joined local member for Chifley, Ed Husic, to unveil a 50 kilowatt grid-connected solar electricity system at Blacktown City Council Works Depot.

The system, consisting of 276 photo-voltaic (PV) modules, is expected to feed an estimated 60 megawatt hours per year of electricity back into the grid, and save 70 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.

“This commercial PV installation is a good example of how the Government’s $94 million Solar Cities program demonstrates the economic and environmental benefits associated with the concentrated up-take of renewable energy technologies, such as solar PV,” Mr Combet said.

Since its launch in July 2007, Blacktown Solar City has contributed to an estimated $3 million in electricity savings to the residents of the Blacktown Local Government Area and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 17,500 tonnes CO2-e.

“The Solar Cities initiative is providing information on the benefits and barriers to energy efficiency and renewable energy within Australian communities,” said Mr Husic.

To date Solar Cities has seen over 4,500 kilowatts of PV installed within Australian communities and 20,000 smart meters installed in Australian homes.

 “The data being collected from the Solar Cities trials will inform future policy work and will also be provided to industry to encourage uptake of similar measures within their businesses,” Mr Combet said.

“Energy efficiency is an important complimentary measure to any mitigation action undertaken by the Government and has an important role in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and limiting the impacts of climate change.”

 “The development and installation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures and technologies will be vital to ensuring Australia’s clean energy future,” said Mr Combet.

Blacktown Solar City is one of seven Solar Cities funded by the Australian Government under the Solar Cities initiative. The Solar Cities program is a partnership between governments, industry, businesses and local communities to trial sustainable energy solutions.

Each of the Cities roll-out a range of solar and energy efficiency products and services within their communities, including:

  • energy efficient appliance and lighting installations

  • home energy audits that recommend energy saving actions

  •  solar photovoltaic and solar hot water installations

  • various pricing offers that encourage sustainable energy use, and

  • educational campaigns that engage local communities on energy sustainability issues.

Further information about Solar Cities program is available at
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