Catholic Schools to benefit from Better Schools Plan

Catholic schools in Chifley will benefit from extra funding and more resources after the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) and the Australian Government reached an historic agreement on the Better Schools Plan.

Chifley Federal MP Ed Husic welcomed the announcement that will see around $1.6 billion in additional funding over six years flow through to Catholic systemic schools across Australia, including in Chifley.

“The Rudd Labor Government has the utmost respect for the integrity and autonomy of the Catholic education system, which for over 150 years has served some of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia,” Mr Husic said.

“We know that teachers and principals of our Catholic schools want to give every student in every school in Chifley the opportunity to reach their full potential and compete with the rest of the world.”

“Labor’s Better Schools Plan will mean more individual attention for students who need it most and for those kids doing well, it will provide more opportunities to excel.”

“It will mean more support for kids with disability through classroom modification and assistive technology.”

“It will empower local principals to make more decisions about their own schools.”

“In stark contrast, under Tony Abbott every school in every state and every sector stand to lose millions as he won’t commit to fixing a broken system.

Mr Husic said Tony Abbott needs to come clean to parents in Chifley about why he won’t give every student in every school the opportunity to reach their full potential and compete with the rest of the world.

While Tony Abbott continues his same old negativity, the Rudd Labor Government is working to ensure no Australian students are left behind.

“Our Plan for Better Schools is not just an investment in schools, this is a down payment on the long-term strength of the Australian economy, and will underwrite higher productively for decades to come.”
“The Australian Government has set an ambitious target for Australia to be in the top five in the world in reading, maths and science by 2025 and this can only be achieved by working together with Catholic schools.”

Today’s announcement completes the jigsaw puzzle for Schools in Chifley, with the NSW Liberal Government, Catholic and independent schools all signing up to the Better Schools Plan.

The only threat to its full delivery is Mr Abbott.