Chifley Schools Dudded on Funding

Chifley MP Ed Husic has today spoken out on behalf of schools, students and parents in his electorate on the Abbott Government’s promise to walk away from the hard-fought and sensible school funding (Gonski) reforms.

“Christopher Pyne has shown himself to be an amateur in just a few months in the job as Education Minister,” Ed Husic said.

 “The Coalition has been exposed over another post-election backflip, Christopher Pyne suggesting today the new Government would maintain the same funding “envelope”, but reserve the right to distribute school funding in whichever way it sees fit.

“Maintaining the envelope simply means the Government can direct school funding to whichever area or school it favours and you can bet Chifley schools won’t be anywhere high up on its list.

“It is a massive embarrassment when someone from your own side in Barry O’Farrell bags you in public and says you are still acting like you are in opposition.

 “Barry O’Farrell is angry about this because he knows how much harder it’s now become to fund our schools.

 “Tony Abbott has now ripped off nearly 70 schools in the Chifley electorate. Parents, teachers and students should feel justifiably outraged.

 “Ours is an area of high need that deserves more support and funding – not less.

 “Parents, teachers and importantly students across Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill through to Blacktown deserve better than this and we should fight this broken promise every step of the way.”

 “This is just one more example of the Coalition making bold promises when in Opposition, thenwalking away from them as soon as it gets into Government,” Ed Husic concluded.

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Ed Husic MP
Federal Labor Member for Chifley

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