Chifley MP Ed Husic has applauded an initiative underway in our area to deal with the confronting issue of domestic violence.

A new advocacy group was launched last week at Blacktown’s SydWest Multicultural Services Inc offices. The group will concentrate on educating members of the Indian and Subcontinent communities about a scourge that claims one Australian woman’s life every week. 

“That is why I readily agreed to become a become Patron of the Indian (Subcontinent) Crisis and Support Agency,” Mr Husic said.

“For too long, domestic violence has been something too few people have been prepared to speak out against.

“We all know it happens, often we cannot fail to hear it across our fences, but we choose to turn a blind eye for fear of getting caught up in it ourselves. 

“While it is a confronting and difficult issue for some, I'm proud that members of the Indian and Sub-Continent communities of our area have banded together to speak up and tackle this matter. 

The purpose of the group is to bring together local professional expertise and connect that with the community to tackle domestic violence.

It is a frightening statistic that between 5% and 10% of Australian women will report being subjected to domestic violence sometime in 12 months.

Only 6 in 10 cases of violence against women are reported to police.

In recent weeks domestic violence has been given national attention through the “White Ribbon” campaign, where prominent men in the community in particular spoke out against domestic violence against women.

The ICSA programme aims to give women somewhere to turn if they find themselves victims of domestic violence, rather than suffering in silence.

“Domestic violence is not a problem confined to any one culture or socio-economic group, but to see it being confronted by more and more groups in our community can only be a good thing,” Mr Husic concluded.

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