Ed Husic opens new library and classrooms at Blacktown South Public School

Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic yesterday attended the official opening of the new library and classrooms at Blacktown South Public School, built as part of the Australian Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER).

Blacktown South Public School received $3,200,000 under the National School Pride (NSP) program and Primary Schools for the 21st Century (P21) element of the BER.

In all, Blacktown South Public School received a brand new library and four brand new classrooms, which replaced older demountable buildings.

Mr Husic was delighted to see the impact these new learning spaces were having on teachers and students at his old primary school.

“I remember fondly the old library I used as a student here but it doesn’t compare to this wonderful new facility,” Mr Husic said.

“I’m proud of the investment that the Australian Government has made not only here at Blacktown South, but right across Australia.”

The BER provided for 166 projects throughout 66 schools in Chifley at a cost of over $140 million.

Mr Husic said the new facilities are not only a benefit to the School, they are supporting stronger social networks and community cohesion.

“I congratulate the Principal, Mr Geoff Scott and the School P&C on their implementation of the Australian Government’s vision for quality teaching and learning environments and I’m sure that teachers and students alike appreciate them.”

‘I am also delighted that construction of these new buildings has supported the employment of many local workers which was the intention of our Economic Stimulus Plan,’ Mr Husic said.

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