Federal MP Ed Husic rallied against the SBS program ‘Struggle Street’ in Parliament this week, drawing attention to the fact that this show does little to offer solutions or assistance to the participants featured in the show.

“Having grown up, worked, and lived in the area that I represent, you can imagine the degree of anger I felt when I saw the promotion of the show on SBS – a national broadcaster that is supposed to promote a variety of voices in the public arena – mimic and mock people based on where they live,” Mr Husic said.

Mr Husic has spoken out a number of times against ‘Struggle Street’, raising his concerns about how the show propagates a post code bias.

“If you’ve got the commitment to better yourself and work hard, you should be able to get ahead. But when I have students in my area say they don’t want to put their post codes on their resumes so they have a better chance to get a job, it really angers me.


“In this country, we value skill regardless of your background, regardless of your wealth, and regardless of the generations that preceded you, and we should stay true to the idea that every Australian should have a fair go.

“The show also provided a strong reminder of just how essential a good public school system is. Life for many of these people could have been very different had they been given the opportunity for a better education.”


This comes at a time when Tony Abbott’s Budget has slashed $80 billion from schools and hospitals across the nation, a move Labor will continue to oppose and fight against.

You can access Mr Husic’s full speech here.


FRIDAY 15 MAY 2015


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