Gillard Government will move Australia forward

Federal Labor candidate for Chifley, Ed Husic, welcomed Prime Minister Gillard’s announcement that the Federal Election will be held on August 21.

"Now people can have a choice between moving forward with the Gillard Government, or going back to the bad, old days of WorkChoices and cuts to services," Mr Husic said.

Mr Husic said he was committed to the priorities of better healthcare, along with increased support for training and education.

“In only its first term, Federal Labor moved quickly to achieve things locally – and I'm asking Chifley voters for their support, to be part of a Gillard Government that will move Australia forward,” Mr Husic said.

“We've improved funding for our hospitals, moved to set up local trade schools, announced the return of Medicare services to Mt Druitt, will partner with Blacktown Council to develop a new multi-purpose community centre in Mt Druitt - and we’re working to bring broadband access to local suburbs that have been crying out for better internet access.

"Long time Federal MP Roger Price put his heart and soul into improving our area and I'd be enormously grateful for the chance to continue this work.

"A lot of people out our way want to have their voice heard and for someone to stick up for them in Government. I'd like the chance to get to work for the residents of Chifley.”

If elected, Mr Husic believed there was a full agenda to pursue locally.

"To achieve what we want to see locally we need a strong economy, and I think a Gillard Government will promote that by bringing the budget to surplus by 2013.

“Off a strong economy we can work to lift support for healthcare, where we’ll fund 3,000 new nurses and 1,300 GPs and GPs in training over the next three years.

“Making sure our area gets its fair share of future health funding is my top priority – I’ll be standing up to make sure Mt Druitt Hospital gets the right slice of support and resources.

“As someone who’s a proud product of local public schools, I deeply believe that well-funded education helps our country and is a ticket to a better life for our kids – and I'll work my heart out to see us benefit from more apprenticeship spots.

"There's too much at stake to bring back Tony Abbott and all of his former Government colleagues who are just itching to take us back to the bad, old days of WorkChoices – along with cuts to health, education, and the services local families rely upon.”

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Ed Husic MP
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