Helping local apprentices stay in their jobs

Local apprentices will get help to stick with their training under a re-elected Gillard Labor Government.

The Trades Apprentice Income Bonus gives local apprentices an extra $1,700 tax exempt bonus at each milestone they reach in their training.

Labor Candidate for Chifley Ed Husic said investing in apprentices and training was part of the Gillard Labor Government’s economic plan.

“We need more local apprentices to finish their training to tackle skills shortages and keep our economy strong,” Mr Husic said.

“We all want apprentices in Western Sydney to finish their training – this bonus will give them a helping hand.

“There are 117 enrolled apprentices in Blacktown alone and we want that number to grow. That’s why the Trades Apprentice Income Bonus is such an important initiative; it invests in the skills we’ll need for the future.”

The Trades Apprentice Bonus will be paid on top of the Tools For Your Trade payments. This means, as trade apprentices reach milestones each year they will get an additional:

  • $200 – bringing the 12 month payment to $1,000;

  • $200 – bringing the 24 month payment to $1,000;

  • $500 – bringing the 36 month payment to $1,200; and

  • $800 – bringing the completion bonus to $1,500.

“That’s a tax exempt bonus of $5,500 for an apprentice across the course of their training,” Mr Husic said.

“Apprentices can use these payments to purchase tools, service their Ute or pay their registration and insurance.

“Tony Abbott has no judgement and no plan to develop the skills the economy needs. Instead of investing in apprentices he has promised to slash funding to skills and training and cut local Trades Training Centres.”

Trade Apprentices on the National Skills List will be eligible if they commenced their apprenticeship from 1 January 2009. Funding for this commitment will be fully offset over the forward estimates consistent with the Gillard Labor Government’s commitment to return to surplus in three years.

Prime Minister Gillard made the announcement today during an address at Blacktown RSL

Link: Prime Minister Gillard's address

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