Husic slams cruel and cynical cash grab

Husic slams cruel and cynical cash grab

Chifley Federal MP Ed Husic has slammed NSW Liberal Premier Barry O’Farrell’s decision to take part of the Federal Government’s pension increase from more than 86,000 NSW pensioners living in public housing.

“Pensioners on a fixed income find it hardest to meet their living expenses when costs rise – that’s why it’s so important that pensions go up to match these rises,” Mr Husic said.

“The Gillard Government is delivering a boost for pensioners to help them make ends meet – designed to help pensioners, not Barry O’Farrell’s budget bottom line.”

Single pensioners on the maximum rate are now receiving an extra $35.80 per fortnight, and pensioner couples on the maximum rate are now receiving an increase of $54.00 per fortnight combined.

This payment includes the Gillard Government’s new Clean Energy Supplement.

“This is typical behaviour from a Liberal Premier who cares more about his own hip pocket than looking out for local pensioners,” Mr Husic said.

“My office is already taking calls from local pensioners, distressed at Mr O’Farrell’s cruel and cynical cash grab.

“And Tony Abbott has promised to rip all of it away – clawing back more than $1 billion a year in extra support from pensioners across the country.

“Under an Abbott Government, every single pensioner in Australia would lose more than $350 a year and every pensioner couple would lose more than $530 a year.

“Pensioners just can’t trust the Liberals.

“Labor will always stand up for Australia’s pensioners – Tony Abbott and Barry O’Farrell just want to take money out of their pockets.”