In a tough Federal Budget Chifley gets jobs and training support

Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic has welcomed measures that will create jobs and opportunities for people living in Chifley, announced in the Gillard Government’s 2011-12 Budget last night.

Mr Husic says there are many measures that will make life easier and ease cost of living pressures for many people in Chifley.

“The Government recognises that in order to grow our economy, we need to invest in skills and grow our workforce to achieve better productivity: Mr Husic said.

“As our economy gets set to take off, we need ‘all hands on deck’ so skilling up people and funding work for the long term unemployed is a big focus of this budget.”

Nearly 4,000 apprentices in the Chifley electorate will be provided with a $1700 Trades Apprentice Income Bonus to encourage them to complete their critical trade qualifications.

“The Treasurer has been very responsible in setting this budget, but also aiming to get more Australians into work and putting the budget back in the black” Mr Husic said.

“This Budget will drive opportunities for families and young people in Chifley by investing in training, education and job creation.”

Although a very responsible budget, Mr Husic said that he had worked hard to deliver a number of key local projects for the community.

Among the highlights of the Budget for people living in Chifley are:

  • $4.135 million to Blacktown Council to upgrade local parks and to complete the Mt Druitt Community Resource Hub

  • Almost $1.4 million funding to Blacktown City Council to maintain and upgrade local roads

  • $55,000 in funding to Seniors Groups to establish Broadband Kiosks

  • Extra $4,200 per child aged between 16 and 19 for families receiving Family Tax Benefit A which will help some 8000 local families locally.

Mr Husic said that bringing the Budget back to black in 2012/13 was a significant achievement.

“While many countries around the world are still struggling to pick themselves up from the GFC, Australia’s economy is strong and unemployment is low” said Mr Husic.

“Lets not forget the financial impact that cyclones and floods in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales had on our bottom line.

“Make no mistake, we would not be back in black by 2012/13 if it weren’t for this Labor Government saving Australia from recession during the GFC.

“More than 750,000 Australians are in jobs today than when the Government took office, in stark contrast to the 30 million jobs that were lost across the globe during in the aftermath of the GFC.”
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Ed Husic MP
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