Liberal Broadband Plan will choke the local economy and jobs

Liberal Broadband Plan will choke the local economy and jobs

NBNA plan to charge small businesses $5,000 to connect to faster broadband has the potential to drive jobs and business out of Chifley, said Federal MP Ed Husic.

The Federal Liberal Opposition this week announced that it would axe the Federal Government’s plans for a nationwide fibre rollout and replace it with a slower alternative.

“I’ve worked hard with Telstra and NBNCo to ensure we fix broadband blackspots affecting Woodcroft and Doonside.

“As a result we’ve been able to stop small businesses from potentially closing in Woodcroft.

“Imagine telling those small businesses and residents there that they had to fork out $5,000 to get the type of speeds others already enjoy?

“The Liberal plan will condemn local businesses to slower, poorer broadband access and will impact on the ability of those businesses to operate here.

“In this day and age, fast broadband is a daily necessity for many businesses in this area.  Denying them this will slow growth out here and stop us from generating the jobs we need.

“The Federal Government is rolling out faster broadband to households and businesses across the country at no cost – because people deserves access to modern infrastructure.

“Families around here won’t be able to hand over $5,000 to get connected.

“Worse still, if the Liberals are elected locals will miss out on the superfast broadband that Labor’s NBN is delivering.

Our superfast broadband NBN network will:

•             Deliver superfast NBN broadband to every household and business at no cost
•             Abolish the need for families to pay line rental for their household phone line
•             Guaranteed capped low prices to broadband providers starting from $24 a month no matter where you live in Australia.

The Liberal Party’s second rate broadband plan would:

•             Stop 9 million Australian households from connecting to the NBN
•             Charge up to $5,000 connection fee for households and business for superfast broadband
•             Make people outside the cities pay more for broadband