Liberals can’t be trusted on health care

Chifley Labor MP Ed Husic has accused the Liberal Party of scaremongering with false claims about private health insurance affordability.

Mr Husic said the claim that people are dropping out of or downgrading their private health insurance is completely wrong.

“More people are covered by private health insurance now than at any other time in the last 37 years,” Mr Husic said.

“People who earn $35,000 continue to be entitled to the full 30% rebate. In fact, singles earning up to $130,000 and families earning up to $260,000 continue to receive a rebate on their insurance.

“This year’s premium increase remains well below the rises that when Tony Abbott was Minister for Health.”

Mr Husic expressed surprise that the Liberal Party were talking about private health insurance while the NSW Government is slashing local public hospital funding.

“When it comes to hospital cuts, local Liberals have been eerily silent about the State Liberal Government slashing $3 billion from NSW’s health system,” Mr Husic said.

“And if local Liberals are worried about cost of living how come they haven’t spoken up against Tony Abbott’s plan to cut the SchoolKids Bonus from more than 15,000 local families?

“Perhaps local Liberals should spend more time sticking up for locals than playing politics.”