Lib’s Broadband Plan: no suburbs, no experience, no clue

The Liberal Party’s lack of experience and demonstrated commitment to delivering improved broadband service will set back the residents of Chifley, according to Federal MP Ed Husic.

“Under Liberal Governments, suburbs in Chifley were ‘broadband wastelands’,” said Mr Husic.

“The Liberals tried 19 times to fix broadband in Australia – nothing they did worked.

“Now when the Liberal Party tries to show how they will bring about better broadband service, they have trouble even naming the suburbs in Chifley they’ll help.

“Under a media release they just issued, the Liberal’s lack of experience is exposed.

“I quote directly from their own release:


 “The early results clearly show that we have suburbs around (insert suburb names) which are not being served well by our current infrastructure and some that will miss out on NBN coverage,” said Isabelle White.


“Even though Tony Abbott has vowed to destroy the NBN, I welcome the Liberal’s sudden new-found commitment to supporting it.

“However, sweet promises made before an election can’t hide this reality: the Liberal Party and their local candidates lack the experience and demonstrated commitment needed to help our neighbourhoods in Chifley.”

Since being elected, Mr Husic said he has made it a priority to fix broadband blackspots in Chifley.

“I’ve spoken up for these communities and made sure their complaints were dealt with, regardless of who is in Government.

“As a result, working with Telstra and NBNCo, broadband problems in areas such as Woodcroft and Doonside have been progressively fixed.

“And even the home suburb of the Liberal Party’s candidate in Chifley – Woodcroft – will be among the first suburbs in Sydney to get superfast broadband.