Malcolm Turnbull eats his pre-election pity and switches off Woodcroft’s NBN

The Abbott Government has stopped the rollout of the NBN to Woodcroft – even after Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull previously agreed it was an area of broadband need.

Federal MP for Chifley Ed Husic slammed the move, saying that the Liberals in Government have again robbed Woodcroft residents of vital broadband improvements.

“Before the Federal Election, Malcolm Turnbull said it would be a travesty of social justice to not rollout the NBN to Woodcroft and he promised to honour existing NBN construction contracts,” Mr Husic said.

“In data released after the Election, it’s clear the Abbott Government is going to stop the NBN rollout to Woodcroft and parts of Doonside.

“I’m simply outraged that the Abbott Government has shoved these suburbs back into the broadband dark ages – after suggesting before the election they would continue the rollout.

“Through the 1990s and 2000s, when the Liberal Party was last in Government, they ignored the pleas for better broadband from Woodcroft residents.

“After numerous public meetings and hard campaigning, in my first term as MP I brought together residents, Telstra and NBNCo so we could work as one to fix local broadband services.

“I argued forcefully and publicly with the former Labor Government that we had to fix broadband in Woodcroft and Doonside – and in Opposition even Malcolm Turnbull agreed.

“In what now appears to be hollow outrage, Malcolm Turnbull said of the previous Labor Government in 2012:

‘the Government now cannot get its wholly-owned taxpayer-funded monopoly to prioritize the neediest areas (referring to Woodcroft).” (Speech link attached)

He went on to say:

“…That would be a travesty of social justice from a party that so loudly claims to believe in it.”

“It’s not good enough for Malcolm Turnbull to slink back to Bondi after snaring Western Sydney votes and then deny our area the type of broadband access that he enjoys in Eastern Sydney.

"But it goes to show the only thing the Liberals do when in office is cut services for Western Sydney residents.

“Improving local broadband services to help business and residents here is something I passionately believe in – and I’ll be taking this fight up in Parliament and directly with Malcolm Turnbull,” Mr Husic said.


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