Manufacturing important for Chifley

A strong manufacturing industry in Australia is especially important for people living in the electorate of Chifley, local Federal MP Ed Husic said today.

“Chifley relies more on the manufacturing sector to provide jobs for local residents than many other areas around Australia,” Mr Husic said.

“The latest available Census statistics show 10,169 people who live in Chifley are employed in manufacturing.

“Manufacturing accounts for 16 percent of total employment in Chifley, considerably higher than the Australia-wide average of 10.6 per cent, according to the Census data.

“This means the Gillard Government’s policies to support a dynamic, competitive and innovative manufacturing sector are important for local residents in my electorate.

“Australia-wide there are nearly 1 million people employed in manufacturing and the sector provides relatively well-paid, high-skill jobs.

“It is a key industry for our national economy – and these Census figures show it is also a vital industry locally.

“This Government believes in a sustainable and broad-based economy.

“That is why Labor is investing in supporting manufacturing during hard times – to support jobs and skills staying in Australia.”

The Gillard Government’s policies to support manufacturing include:

•    The $300 million Steel Transformation Plan which is supporting Australian steel-makers;
•    The $5.4 billion New Car Plan for a Greener Future which is delivering the automotive manufacturing sector the certainty it needs to attract long-term investment to 2020;
•    The Clean Technology Program which will provide $1.2 billion to upgrade industry’s capital equipment and carry out research and development (R&D) to ensure Australian industry competitive in an increasingly carbon constrained world.
•    The new R&D Tax Incentive for research and development which represents the biggest reform to business innovation support in more than a decade.
By contrast, under the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, the Coalition would slash investment in manufacturing.

Mr Abbott voted against Labor’s Steel Transformation Plan in Parliament last year. Now he wants to cut $1.5 billion in Government support for the automotive industry, which is the backbone of Australian manufacturing.

The Opposition’s policies would hurt manufacturing and the 10,169 people in Chifley who are directly employed by this industry.

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Ed Husic MP
Federal Labor Member for Chifley

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