Opposition gets its facts wrong again on Western Sydney

Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic believes that recent Opposition comments on housing policy and population growth in Western Sydney are complete nonsense.

Responding to comments made last week by Opposition Housing Spokesperson, Senator Marise Payne, Mr Husic says that while in Government for over 10 years the Coalition did nothing for Western Sydney and washed their hands of involvement in planning for urban areas.

 “Last month we released a National Urban Policy outlining how the Commonwealth can better support local councils and the State Government in planning and managing outer urban areas,” Mr Husic said.

“We have also committed over $180 million from the last Budget to support these goals so that we can assist to make Western Sydney an even better place to live and raise a family.”

Mr Husic highlighted the Gillard Government’s unprecedented investment which is improving the cost of housing for Australian families.

“We understand that the Australian dream of buying your own home is quickly moving out of reach for many and that even the cost of renting a home is also becoming a real pressure.”

“That’s why the Gillard Government is focusing on investing to increase the supply of affordable housing, reducing the costs of housing infrastructure and planning and encouraging investors to offer more affordable rental accommodation to low income families.”

“In our own community the Government has recently invested just over $4 million for a community hub project in Ropes Crossing that has helped the construction of 240 residential lots while allowing the developer to pass along savings to homebuyers.”

Western Sydney families would be very aware that our capital cities are struggling after infrastructure has failed to keep pace with an increasing population.

This means congestion, packed public transport, not enough local jobs and pressure on housing prices.

“That’s why the Gillard Government is putting in place a Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia,” Mr Husic said.

“The strategy aims to improve the quality of life for Australians, even for something simple like having an extra half hour of daylight at the end of a long commute home from work.”

The Gillard Government has worked closely with western Sydney organisations such as the National Growth Areas Alliance.

They participated in a panel for the creation of the Government’s Sustainable Population Strategy and have been included on the National Housing Supply Council.

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