Parliament endorses Clean Energy Future

This week the House of Representatives passed the Bills that will require Australia’s top 500 polluters to pay for the emissions they put into our skies while providing household and industry assistance packages.

Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic said the passage of the Clean Energy Bills was an important step for the country, helping us meet our international commitments to cut pollution.

“Through our Clean Energy Future plans, we’ll help cut over 160 million tonnes of pollution by 2020.

“As we move to cut pollution, our Household Assistance Package will increase pensions and family payments.  We’ll also provide tax cuts so people can do their bit for climate change while looking after the household budget,” Mr Husic said.

“Our $9bn Jobs and Competitiveness Program will also help protect industries and jobs as we begin to work in a more energy efficient way.

“Through our Assistance Package more than 19,400 families and more than 24,000 pensioners in Chifley will receive an increase in their payments.”

“And more than 58,000 people in Chifley will receive a tax cut, 49,000 of which will receive a tax cut of at least $300.”

Under the Government’s Clean Energy Future plan:
• Pensions will increase by $338 per year for singles and $510 per year for couples.
• Pensioners will receive a lump sum advance payment of up to $250 for a single pensioner before the carbon price begins, to make sure they have extra money in their pockets to help meet the price impacts.
• Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Holders will receive an extra $338 per year for singles and $510 per year for couples combined.
• Government allowances and family assistance payments (such as the Family Tax Benefit A) will increase by 1.7%.

For example, a family with two children with a total annual income of $85,000 is expected to face average price increases of $570 per year due to the carbon price. They will receive assistance of around $948 per year through tax cuts and increased Family assistance payments. They will be $378 per year better off.

Mr Husic said that local residents were already doing their bit to reduce their impact on the environment and that some initiatives would benefit from the passing of these Bills.

“Back in March I had the pleasure of attending a special event to see firsthand the Regenesis project, a partnership between Blacktown City Council and Liverpool Plains Shire Council, which saw 220,000 native trees planted across 100 hectares of land in 33 bio-diverse carbon forests.

“I’ve spoken in Parliament about the role Tregear Bushcare Group played in planting some of these trees in local parks – and projects like this can help Councils generate carbon permits that will be of commercial value.

“I also met a group of young people earlier this year after completing a 26 week training program with the National Green jobs Corps, who had trained in the green jobs of the future, jobs which will grow out of the Clean Energy Bills.”

Mr Husic believes people are now beginning to appreciate the facts about the Government’s Clean Energy Future plans.

“I’ve been out and about talking with people about this issue and meeting people in my office.  The community realises there’s been a lot of misinformation about our plans.

“The reality is independent Treasury modelling shows the carbon price will only have a 0.7% impact on the cost of living – that’s less than a cent for every dollar spent.

“It’s worth remembering that when the GST came in it had a 2.5% impact on inflation – more than three times greater than the carbon price.”

The Bills are expected to be voted in the Senate in November.

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