Supporting Pensioners in Chifley

Minster for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler and Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic visited the Doonside Senior Citizens Centre to discuss the assistance being provided to over 24,000 pensioners across Chifley as part of the Gillard Government’s Clean Energy Future package.

“We are putting a price on carbon pollution that only the country’s biggest polluters will pay and we will provide fair and generous financial assistance to pensioners and low and middle income households to help ease the transition to a clean energy future," Mr Butler said.

“Pensioners will receive assistance that will at least offsets their expected average cost increases as we price carbon pollution.

“The assistance amounts to a 1.7 per cent increase in the maximum rate of the pension.”

Mr Husic added that “this meant single pensioners will receive an extra $338 per year while couples will get between them an extra $510 per year.”

“Self-funded retirees who are Commonwealth Senior Health Care Card Holders will receive the same assistance as pensioners.

"The assistance builds on historic pension reforms already delivered by this Government."

“We’ve increased the maximum rate pensioners receive, introduced a new system of indexation, increased utilities allowance and allowed pensioners to work more before their pension is affected,” Mr Butler said.

“We have delivered more help to pensioners than Mr Abbott ever did when he was a minister sitting around the Howard cabinet table.”

“And yesterday Tony Abbott confirmed that he would take away the additional tax cuts and pension increases being delivered.”

The Government is also ensuring assistance is shared fairly between aged care residents and providers.

Aged care providers bear many costs for their residents, including electricity, and will receive around half of the assistance paid through the age pension. Age pensioners living in aged care will receive the balance of the payment to help them with increases in their other costs of living.

“The Government is helping pensioners, families and students. Over 53,000 people across Chifley will receive assistance," Mr Husic said.

“On top of this taxpayers in Chifley with an annual income under $80,000 will all get a tax cut, with most receiving at least $300 per year.”

“Our assistance package demonstrates that it’s big polluters, not people, who will pay and that the assistance we provide will be targeted at those who need it the most."

Further information about the Government’s clean energy future and carbon price announcement is available at
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