The choice is clear

After today’s official close of nominations, Federal Labor Candidate for Chifley Ed Husic has said he is eager to continue speaking with local residents about their issues and concerns.

Mr Husic said on August 21 voters have a clear choice between moving forward with Julia Gillard and Federal Labor, or going back to the dark days of WorkChoices with Tony Abbott and the Liberals who have promised to cut local services.

Mr Husic said, “Over the last few months I have been proud to meet with residents and community groups as the Federal Labor candidate for Chifley”

“I know first hand that despite the strong economy, families are still doing it tough.”

“Our region needs more investment in services, while maintaining a strong economy.”

Mr Husic said the priorities for our region are improving local health services and hospitals, higher quality education facilities – including the rollout of two trades training centres in the electorate and delivering the National Broadband Network to residents in Chifley.

“As part of the Gillard Labor Government, I will be committed to giving every child a quality education and preparing kids for jobs. Trade schools are enormously important in giving our kids the best chance for getting

good, secure trade jobs. Tony Abbott’s decision to scrap the Trades Schools program if elected would be a devastating loss to our community.”

The re-opening of Medicare in Mt Druitt after much public concern has been a win for the community.

“After one term back in Government, Federal Labor has already delivered for our community.”

“Over the past 26 years, Roger Price has been a keen advocate for our local hospitals and health services and if elected I am committed to working hard to get better results for our community.”

“Our region is one of the first in Australia to benefit from the National Broadband Network, which will have impacts on our health services, keep local businesses competitive and bring jobs to the region.”

“This election the choice is clear. Julia Gillard will move Australia forward, with better education facilities, more funding for hospitals and health services and a strong economy.”

“Don’t let Tony Abbot and his colleagues take us back to the dark days of WorkChoices, while cutting our trades training centres, slashing local health funding, and scrapping the National Broadband Network.”

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Ed Husic MP
Federal Labor Member for Chifley

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