New Department of Social Services figures have revealed that nearly 20,000 families in Chifley will be the worst affected by Malcolm Turnbull’s attack on family support payments.

Figures from Minister Christian Porter’s own department show that while Malcolm Turnbull’s hip-pocket hit will be hardest felt in Chifley; families in Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop’s electorates will be the least affected by their cuts.

Federal Member for Chifley Ed Husic said he would stand up for local families who are in the line to be affected terribly by the Government’s cutbacks.

Federal Labor will oppose the Turnbull Government’s attempts to cut Family Tax Benefit Part A supplements for thousands of local families and Family Tax Benefit Part B payments helping local single parents and grandparent carers.

Mr Husic said the cuts to Family Tax Benefit Part A supplements would leave 18,971 families in Chifley hundreds of dollars a year worse off. Cuts to FTB-B Supplement would also hit around 16,571 of families in Chifley.

“Raising a family in our area doesn’t come cheap. The cost of living keeps going up, and now Malcolm Turnbull is trying to cut hundreds of dollars a year from family budgets.

“Working couples on low and middle incomes with two kids in high School will be around $2,600 a year worse off because of cuts to the Schoolkids Bonus and Family Tax Benefit Supplements”

“A single parent family in Chifley with a couple of kids in high school could be more than $4,700 a year worse off because of Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to cut family tax benefits and the Schoolkids Bonus.

“I don’t know any families in our community who can afford to have that much money ripped off them, so why does Malcolm Turnbull think they don’t deserve this support?”

Mr Husic said Labor was opposing Mr Turnbull’s cuts to families in the Parliament, and called on locals to show their opposition to the Liberals’ unfair policies.

“For two years Labor protected families from Tony Abbott’s cuts, and now we will protect them from Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

“On top of these cuts, Mr Turnbull wants to increase the GST, which will hurt every family in our area.

“Labor has launched a new campaign to call on the Government to drop their cuts and give families a fair go.

“Labor will never compromise on fairness. We will keep protecting local families from Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair cuts, and we will keep fighting his proposal to increase the GST.”

Locals can send a message to Malcolm Turnbull by visiting www.givefamiliesafairgo.org and signing up to the campaign

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Ed Husic MP
Federal Labor Member for Chifley

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