Chifley MP Ed Husic has paid tribute to the life of former Labor Leader and Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, who passed away in Sydney, aged 98.

“Gough Whitlam was not only adored by the Labor faithful – but earned a special place in the hearts of the broader public,” Mr Husic said today.

“A larger than life figure with a large faith in Australia’s potential.

“A Prime Minister for the nation, Western Sydney sat high on his priorities – with much of his work having a massive and lasting effect on our region.

“From ensuring we had proper water and sewerage infrastructure, through to opening up universities for Western Sydney kids, championing land rights for our nation’s original custodians, or delivering affordable healthcare model we know today as Medicare.  All these things helped families in our region.

Blacktown has a distinct historical link to Gough Whitlam’s rise to Prime Minister.

“I remember stories told to me by my dad of him trying to get a look in to Blacktown’s Civic Centre as Gough was delivering his 1972 campaign speech.

“Those stories conveyed to me a sense of the energy and excitement that Gough created – and you can see that in the photos from the Blacktown campaign launch.

“Gough Whitlam was a political warrior, something history will show sadly cost him his Prime Ministership, but Australia and Australians are all the better for his legacies,” Mr Husic added.

“Vale Gough Whitlam,” Mr Husic concluded.

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Ed Husic MP
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