Chifley MP Ed Husic has attacked Western Sydney Liberal MPs for their failure to insist that the Abbott Government carry out on an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the 24hour a day Badgerys Creek Airport.

“The Abbott Government – aided by its silenced Federal MPs – is for pushing ahead with a 24 hour a day international airport at Badgerys Creek without any consideration of the environmental and health impacts,” Mr Husic said today.

“To force an airport on the people without even knowing the proper health effects and the impact on the environment is reckless and an insult.

“The last EIS on Badgerys Creek was way back in 1997.  Western Sydney has changed massively in that time and it finds itself home to almost two million people,” Mr Husic said.

“Promising an airport, as the Prime Minister did, without fresh and proper environmental data is a classic case of the Government putting the cart before the horse.

“Or is it the case that the Abbott Government and its Western Sydney Liberal MPs think our region should cop a lower quality environment?  If an EIS-free development this size were proposed for the east of Sydney it would be met with outrage.”

Mr Husic has told Federal Parliament the airport is being forced on Western Sydney by eastern suburbs interests.  See his speech here:  http://youtu.be/Y9NckVRu_dY

“Western Sydney already has one of the nation’s highest asthma rates and is frequently plagued by a band of smog, blown in with the sea breezes and trapped against the Blue Mountains,” he added.

“Adding hundreds of flights a week to the mix is a potential recipe for more chronic health problems.

“There is simply too much at stake for the Abbott Government to run roughshod over the people of Western Sydney – it must order a new EIS,” Mr Husic concluded.


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Ed Husic MP
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