Another important voice has urged the nation to think ahead about the shape of its future workplaces – and prepare people for the change. The Australian Information Industry Association’s call for government to help transition Australia’s workforce to be ready for change is a welcome addition to the debate about the future of work. AIIA CEO
The Turnbull Government has completely vacated the digital economy space and is now desperately pretending to look engaged. Their latest big idea? A consultation paper on the development of Australia’s digital economy. Today – as it enters its fifth year in office – Turnbull Government Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Senator Arthur Sinodinos has
Good morning and special thanks to the Australian Financial Review for the invitation to speak, particularly editor- in-chief Michael Stutchbury and technology editor Paul Smith. I’ve said for some time that the AFR – with its determined focus on Australian tech – is playing an absolutely crucial role in supporting local tech, particularly emerging enterprises.
Good morning everyone. I’d like to thank Global Access Partners for inviting me to speak today, particularly managing director, Catherine Fritz-Kalish. There are a number of other people that I’d also like to acknowledge: Phillip Ruddock and Heather Ruddock, good morning to you both. Some former colleagues in Stephen Conroy and Bruce Billson are here