E&OE TRANSCRIPT TELEVISION INTERVIEW SKY NEWS, THE MORNING SHIFT WEDNESDAY 31 MAY 2017 TOM CONNELL: Welcome back to the program. Australia’s unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high for the last few years. At the moment it’s at 5.8 per cent; all parties, of course, say it needs to be lower. But Labor says the government’s
On Budget night the Turnbull Government declared they were “refocusing” their failing Work for the Dole program. But Senate Estimates this week has been able to translate what the word “refocus” means: less money, fewer places and still unsafe. Estimates hearings confirmed it has cut $148 million from the program. The government admitted their forecasts
MONDAY 29 MAY 2017 PARLIAMENT HOUSE Last Friday the curtain was raised on the facade of one of the great examples of showtime consultation – the Forum on Western Sydney Airport, or FOWSA. A Turnbull Government forum dressed up as an effort to demonstrate meaningful community consultation about Badgerys Creek airport, a facility that will
  MONDAY 22 MAY 2017 PARLIAMENT HOUSE On 9 May the Treasurer strutted out to deliver a budget that in a mere two weeks has already slumped into a slouch. A budget that was supposed to stand tall and lift the government’s standing is doing nothing of the sort. And the reason it is a