WELCOME Good morning and special thanks to the Australian Financial Review for the invitation to speak this morning, particularly editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury. Since I last had a chance to speak with you, a lot has happened – not surprisingly. However one of the thoughts I’d like to press today doesn’t concentrate on the volume of
The over hyped PaTH intern program seems to be following the worrying trajectory of many other Turnbull government jobs programs. Questions are being raised about the PaTH program’s protection of young jobseekers exploitation and unsafe work practices. An FOI document related to the Turnbull Government’s Youth Jobs PaTH program reinforces these concerns. Despite Turnbull Government
Anglicare has released a report today finding that the Government’s digitisation and automation of Centrelink is making it more for Australians to access Centrelink. Over the past year, the Government has attempted to shift more people to managing their Centrelink matters online. But this transition has not been easy for older Australians and vulnerable Australians.
The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg made his new year’s resolution pretty public. In January, he told the world his personal priority was: fixing Facebook. In March, as outrage about Facebook’s failure to protect users’ data metastasised phenomenally, the firm’s share price plummeted a whopping $45bn – in just one week. That’s roughly five times
In this sense government could become an energetic user of Blockchain, like the many other links in the chains and the system. The CSIRO has also proposed the idea of specialised identity ledgers as a practical approach to managing identity, and associated regulatory compliance, and for facilitating interoperability between distributed ledgers. The government uses a


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