In this sense government could become an energetic user of Blockchain, like the many other links in the chains and the system. The CSIRO has also proposed the idea of specialised identity ledgers as a practical approach to managing identity, and associated regulatory compliance, and for facilitating interoperability between distributed ledgers. The government uses a
E&OE TRANSCRIPT TELEVISION INTERVIEW SKY NEWS, AM AGENDA WEDNESDAY, 7 MARCH 2018 SUBJECT/S: Adani, Gig economy KIERAN GILBERT: Let’s go to Ed Husic now, the Shadow Minister for Employment Services. On the broader issue of certainty as Jackson touched on there, and I guess the frustration among some of your colleagues Mr Husic is that
E&OE TRANSCRIPT TELEVISION INTERVIEW SKY NEWS, AM AGENDA WEDNESDAY, 21 FEBRUARY 2018 SUBJECT/S: Future of Work, digital economy. TOM O’CONNELL: Joining me live now is another Labor frontbencher, Ed Husic. Thanks for your time today, Ed Husic. I know you’ve got a few different hats within your portfolio but one of them the Future of
The release of Innovation Science Australia’s (ISA) 2030 Strategic Plan today highlights the failure of Malcolm Turnbull to invest in policies crucial to Australia’s future prosperity. The Plan does not deliver the comprehensive reform envisaged when the Turnbull Government announced its National Innovation and Science Agenda in 2015. Instead, the 2030 Strategic Plan offers piecemeal
Shadow Minister for Digital Economy Ed Husic has welcomed the news that FinTech Australia has appointed Stuart Stoyan as its new Chairperson. “Through his role as CEO of Australian marketplace lender MoneyPlace, Stuart can speak with a great deal of authority about the policies that will help our local fintech sector. “I look forward to


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