E&OE TRANSCRIPT TELEVISION INTERVIEW SKY NEWS, AM AGENDA WEDNESDAY 7 JUNE 2017  KIERAN GILBERT, PRESENTER: With me now Labor front bencher, Ed Husic. Just heart-breaking. The cowardice of those attackers, tearing down the lives of these two young women in their twenties – with confirmation as well this morning, Sara Zelenak also killed. It’s just
THURSDAY 1 JUNE 2017 PARLIAMENT HOUSE Last year the Prime Minister announced a City Deal for western Sydney. In Redfern. Bravo. Forty kilometres away from the deep heart of the region. If it wasn’t bad enough that they couldn’t get the geography or politics right, the person left to fill in the detail, Assistant Minister
The Turnbull Government’s warped definition of an intern is now coming to life. At Senate Estimates this week the government confirmed Youth Jobs PaTH interns are completing subsidised work in a “range” of entry level occupations across the nation: “But the activities to date that interns are participating in include: customer service, selling and preparing
E&OE TRANSCRIPT TELEVISION INTERVIEW SKY NEWS, THE MORNING SHIFT WEDNESDAY 31 MAY 2017 TOM CONNELL: Welcome back to the program. Australia’s unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high for the last few years. At the moment it’s at 5.8 per cent; all parties, of course, say it needs to be lower. But Labor says the government’s
On Budget night the Turnbull Government declared they were “refocusing” their failing Work for the Dole program. But Senate Estimates this week has been able to translate what the word “refocus” means: less money, fewer places and still unsafe. Estimates hearings confirmed it has cut $148 million from the program. The government admitted their forecasts


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